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The shoreline of the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve has, over centuries, increased in size and shape by shingle being deposited by the fast-moving English Channel sea. Today, there is a specific place along this shoreline where the shingle is extracted and removed by heavy, polluting vehicular machinery. This excess material is distributed further along the shore towards Hastings replenishing areas where shingle levels are weak.  An idea for a new form of architecture came about that adapts and improves this current manual process of moving shingle with an opportunity to utilise and harness the power of the sea and sky.  This project promotes eco-tourism, helping to provide economic benefits to the area and automating the shingle removing process through renewable means, while allowing for a proposal inspired by existing truck movements and shingle beach groynes. The proposed infrastructural improvement is combined with a multi-use programmatic response, including gallery space, exhibitions, educational areas, residential rooms and viewing galleries, that promote and considers the surrounding social context.

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